Epic Live Enrichment Classes   6 Week Edition

What is Epic Live!?

April 13th  - May 22nd

Special Enrichment Session


We are excited to offer a special session of Epic Live classes to provide enrichment and support for our families during this time of Sheltering at Home. Please consider signing up to teach an Epic Live Enrichment class. Below is a list of suggested classes we would like to see offered. With state testing canceled, this is an excellent opportunity to offer classes that make learning fun.


Book Clubs - Poetry Memorization Clubs - Geometric Art Classes - Science Exploration - Novel Studies 

Story Hours - Recipe Conversion Clubs - Budgeting Classes - Creative Writing Workshops 

 Math Fact Drill Teams - States and Capitol Tours - Virtual Field Trip Expeditions 

 Problem Solving Practice - Google Tools Technology Classes

This is a Teach to Enroll opportunity. Only teachers that sign up to teach a one-hour a week class will be allowed to enroll students in an Epic Live Enrichment Class.

Epic Live! is a collaborative​,
offering of virtual classes
led by Epic teachers.

The classes are one hour long

occurring one day a week. Epic teachers who sign up to teach a class are, in turn, invited to sign their students up for as many classes as are needed.

Epic Live! is not a replacement for primary teacher 1:1 visits.

Teacher Testimonies

“I liked that there were a variety of classes to sign my students up for and that I had an opportunity to do what I do best within my level of certification and past experience.”

 Amanda Kerstetter


“Epic Live offers additional, direct instruction in specific high need areas for every student.” Tayla Anderson

What is Epic Live?