Epic Live! is a collaborative offering of virtual classes led by Epic teachers. 

1-hour sessions are offered one day per week. Epic teachers who sign up to teach a class are, in turn, invited to sign their students up for a limited number of classes 


Multiple subjects for all grade levels matching the individualized needs for each student


Oklahoma Academic Standards Aligned Instruction taught by an Epic teacher


Whole group student-teacher interaction: ask questions, discuss, and practice skills


Teachers encourage students to take a more expansive or in-depth look at a concept or topic

Teacher Testimonies

The Epic Live classes have brought face-to-face adult and peer interaction into the lives of my students. Many students NEED this, and they opt to participate in multiple classes. I love that special education students have lots of options for core instruction, remediation, and for electives!
I love meeting my students each week. I enjoy the lessons and interaction. I love that my own students get the opportunity to take classes from amazing teachers.
Provides instruction in subjects areas I am not qualified to teach.
I like being able to share my experience and expertise with more students than are on my roster.
It gives them additional instruction and interaction.

Having one more “set of hands” to teach a concept makes life easier. Students have usually experienced a concept before our weekly meeting and it just solidifies the standard even more!

I love Epic Live because it gives me an ounce of classroom atmosphere that I sometimes miss.

I love seeing students excited and engaged! This format is a fantastic way for teachers to share their educational talents.

I love seeing kids from all over the state ENJOY learning and school. Teaching with Epic live this fall has been a big blessing.
I love the variety of LIVE classes offered for students!

My students look forward to their Epic Live classes, both extra curricular and standards based classes. My own 8th grader made great strides in math last year thanks to his Epic Live math class.

I love to hear my littles singing along
You have students that are excited to see you every week and you feel like you are back in a classroom.

I love that Epic students have the opportunity to meet online and see other students like they would in a brick and mortar school.

I love teaching my favorite subject!

I use videos and props to engage students during the lesson. The students love to review with a game of Kahoot!

multiplies my time
I like teaching Epic Live because it is the One Constant in this ever changing world.
A different perspective and passion.

Teaching Epic Live classes gives me the opportunity to add a little excitement and fun to a students day. I like to keep my class small enough that I learn their names and make them feel important.