Enrollment Opens October 27

Teachers will enroll in courses through Clever/Epic Live

Kimmy Rowe
"The Pursuit of Happiness"
A positive Psychology course based on a book by Harvard Professor Dr. Tal Ben-Shahar
Mondays @ 11
November 2nd- 23rd
Can You be Happy?
Are you searching for a way to remain positive in your daily life?
If so, join me for my course on becoming Happier!
We will walk through a 4 part course together discussing what happiness is, how we can apply it to our daily lives, and meditation practices that will connect us to those moments of happiness that bring us joy!

Rachael Barron
Overcoming Dyslexia
Fridays @ 2 pm
November 6- February 5
REPEAT COURSE: Helping Teachers Understand Dyslexia and Best Practices to help Dyslexic Students.
Rachael Barron
Learning Differences & Assistive Technology
Fridays @ 4 pm
November 6
Learning Differences & Assistive Technology (help for the student and teacher)
Lindsay Headlee
ACT Writing Section
November 12th and 15th @ 10 pm
In-depth coverage of the ACT writing section, including rubric and format
Haley Bradley
Strengthening Student Engagement in Math
Thursdays @ 11:00 AM
November 5nd- 19th
Math getting boring? Come check out new and fun engagement ideas. Quizizz, Edpuzzle, digital interactive notebooks, videos, games and more.
Stephanie Curd / Ashley Stipes
Guided Reading & Writing
Wednesdays @ 1
November 4th- November 25th
Are you interested in learning more about the theory of teaching reading and writing? Would you enjoy participating in some hands-on engagement strategies? Whether you are new to teaching reading and writing or looking for a new approach, this will provide the ideas and structure you need.
Rachael Barron
Multisensory Teaching in the Early Years
Fridays @ 1 pm
November 6- February 5
REPEAT COURSE: Multisensory learning in the Early Years
Lindsay Headlee
Using Rubrics In Writing
November 5th and 9th @ 10 pm
Breaking down OAS writing rubrics for yourself and students
Kathy Saw
Decoding Math Word Problems for 4th-8th grade Struggling Readers
Fridays @ 9 am
November 6-December 4 (no class on November 27)
This class will focus on literacy practices to give teachers tools to assist students with decoding math word problems. We will scaffold and practice specific strategies to help students access information needed to apply algebraic reasoning and demonstrate number sense.