Epic Live! 2019-2020

Program Highlights

  • The program runs from September 23rd to March 27th.

    • Semester 1 - September 23rd to December 13th.​ (minus Thanksgiving week)

    • Semester 2 - January 13th to March 27th. (minus Spring Break week)

  • Our goal is to offer multiple sections of each testable subject. We are also offering non-testable subjects.

    • Testable subjects

      • 3-8 ELA

      • 3-8 Math

      • 5th/8th Science

      • 5th/8th Writing

      • ACT Reading

      • ACT Math

      • 11th Science

      • US History

    • Classes by RIT ranges

    • Additional non-testable subjects

      • Oklahoma History​

      • Social Studies

      • Science

      • Novel Studies

      • Fine Arts Portfolio

      • ???? unlimited possibilities

  • Teach-to-enroll requirement

    • Teach one class and you may enroll all the students on your roster in other classes.

    • The minimum number of live sessions is one, one-hour session, per week.

    • Sign up to teach for Semester 2 by December 20th.

  • Epic Live Teacher Training Certification is required.

    • There is a 2-course learning path for this certification: Zoom and Epic Live Teacher. All training is available in Epic U.

    • We also suggest that teachers review the "How To use MAP Reports to Guide Instruction" training for teachers that teach a class by RIT range.​

  • Use of Google Classroom and a standards alignment sheet is recommended. Training will be provided.​

If you would like to observe a current Epic Live! teacher's class, check out our Epic Live! Pineapple teachers.