ALL Gifted and Talented students are eligible to enroll in the courses below.

                    September 28th - December 11th

Kristin Campbell

Poetry Out Loud

9th - 12th Grade

Thursday @ 3:00 pm

Joan Raney

Lydia Couvas

Creative Writing 101: Short Story and Fiction Fundamentals

9th - 12th Grade

Tuesday @ 2:00 pm

Ann McCutcheon

Patricia Maroney

Epic Stars - Academic Online Competition

5th - 6th Grade

Tuesday @ 4:00pm

Learning Logic Skills through Mysteries -

The Great Chocolate Caper

4th & 5th Grade

Tuesday @ 2:00pm

Sara Fisher

Jump Start Math

1st - 2nd Grade

Thursday @ 1:00pm

So, You Want to be an Inventor?

(Shark Tank edition)

4th - 6th Grade

Monday @ 11:00 am

Kristal Randall

Study Skills

High School

Monday @ 2:00pm

Paul McCord

Cultures of the World

6-8th Grade

Monday @ 10:00 am