Spring Enrollment - January 11th

January 18th - March 26th

ALL Gifted and Talented students are eligible to enroll in the courses below.

Stacey Hughes

College Preparatory Writing

8th - 11th Grade

Wednesday @ 10:00 am

Paul McCord

What is America?:  Cultural Regions of the United States

6th- 8th Grade

Monday @ 10:00 am

Ann McCutcheon

Dogs Love Poetry


Tuesday @ 11:00 am

Patricia Maroney

Academic Competition focusing on Math/ELA - Logic Puzzles

5th-6th Grade

Tuesday @ 3:30pm

Sara Fisher

So, You Want to be an Inventor?

(Shark Tank edition)

3rd - 5th Grade

Monday @ 11:00 am

StoryBook Math

1st-2nd Grade

Monday @ 10:00 am

“That’s Debatable!”, The Art of Debate

4th- 6th Grade

Monday @ 1:00 pm

Joan Raney

Zoom Theatre, Take 2: Sketch Comedy

5th- 7th Grade

Monday @ 1:00 pm

Brian Stockton

“Intro To Shakespeare”

7th - 9th Grade

Tuesday @ 10:00 am