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Before you cancel a class

What if we don't cancel our class when we run into complications with our schedule ?

Hear me out...

I understand that life happens and sometimes cancellations are unavoidable.

Could there be other options to consider first?

Recently I had a funeral to attend (for a friend's dad) and it was on the same day and close to the same time as my Epic Live class. My initial thought was that I needed to cancel my class. But before cancelling, I explored some alternative options. By doing so I came up with a better plan.

I emailed my Epic Live students to let them know that I'd be teaching for an abbreviated period of time due to the funeral.

It was the best outcome for my situation. I still taught my class, kids and parents didn't mind that it was shorter (I don't think they even noticed), and I made it to the funeral on time.

What are some options to consider before cancelling an Epic Live class?

  • Teach class for an abbreviated period of time

  • Try to find a substitute (maybe ask an Epic buddy to fill in)

  • Meet up for a few minutes and do a quick review

  • Ask if students can meet a little earlier or a little later

  • Email a recorded lesson later (if possible)

If cancelling is the only option:

  • Email your Epic Live students/families sooner rather than later- an early cancellation is better than a late cancellation

  • Possibly offer to reschedule on another day and ask if anyone can attend

Again, life happens and sometimes cancellations are unavoidable.

Before you cancel, consider whether an alternative might be a better option.

If you have some ideas not mentioned, please share so your ideas can inspire others.

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