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Daring Greatly: Student Recognition

The commitment to join in a weekly session with a teacher other than your own is really a stretch in comfort zone for many of our students. I would say they are "Daring Greatly." Last year when Epic Live started, I realized that many of our students needed a little extra recognition/encouragement from their Epic Live teacher. I started emailing a certificate to recognize their participation in Epic Live. My hope was/is that if I encourage our students, whether they passed the Study Island lesson or not, that this will foster a relationship with the student and the family, building that student's confidence. My own students light up when I present them with a certificate.

Certificates are inexpensive and easy to create. I personally use Microsoft Publisher templates and save them as a pdf. Printing a certificate or emailing a certificate as a pdf brightens a student's and parent's day. The family can print the certificate or create an online portfolio to keep track of digital certificates, awards, etc.

This is a quick and easy way to encourage students for "Daring Greatly."

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