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Epic Tips, Tricks & Tidbits #2

Epic Live now has 130 classes! Wow, seriously, WOW.

That kind of selection gives our busy Epic families the convenience of choice and it gives our hard-working teachers the ability to manufacture time.

We Epic teachers cannot be with our students five days a week like brick and mortar teachers so we rely on our teaching-parents to carry the learning torch forward with their children. Sometimes, though, our wonderful teaching-parents would like more direct instruction for their children, especially in areas they feel less confident about teaching. Epic Live! classes can provide that additional layer of direct instruction for our students. It's a time-multiplier for Epic teachers and teaching-parents!

Oh, the simplicity of the landline days...

Calling All Syllabi!

If you haven't already uploaded your syllabus to the team drive, please do so sometime in the near future. Your peers are reviewing those to figure out best placement for their students. For example, if you have a 4th grade student who scores on the 7th grade level on the Reading and Writing Process topics but on the 3rd grade level for Vocabulary topics, you probably don't want that student in a class that's going to heavily focus on the Reading and Writing Process and not include the Vocabulary topics. A syllabus with a weekly schedule will help you individualize your student's academic plan.

Class Availability

There are still PLENTY of availabile seats in Epic Live! classes. A quick review today revealed there are seats available in all testable subjects. In fact, the only completely full class is 2nd grade math so if you know any 2nd grade math teachers recruit them to Epic Live!

Online Instruction: Pear Deck

Kick your online instruction up a notch with Pear Deck, Pear Deck is a collection of ready-made, customizable, fun formative assessment Google Slides that prompt student engagement. In less than 10 minutes, I added Pear Deck slides to a previously created online lesson. You can review that lesson by clicking this link.

Pear Deck operates similarly to Kahoot! in that teachers present through Pear Deck and students enter a code on their end so they can participate. It is not my intention to replace Kahoot! with Pear Deck, instead I plan to use both.

Sign up for a free teacher account and Pear Deck will send you a link to install a Google Chrome app extension. Once this is installed you simply click Add-Ons in the Google Slides menu and then select Pear Deck to open the Pear Deck slides insertion menu. It's easy-peasy, I promise.

As with all free teacher accounts there are fewer features than with paid accounts and, in hopes of lowering the cost of the paid accounts, I have reached out to Pear Deck for both school and group quotes.

YOU Can Write a Blog Post

This is a collaborative blog and it's open to everyone so write a post! It doesn't have to be about Epic Live! specifically, it could be about teaching at Epic or about a trick you've found. Grab a couple of teacher friends and write a blog post together. Share that knowledge with the rest of us!

How to:

1. Log into wix and go to the Epic Live! site.

2. Instead of clicking on the Booking Calendar, as you normally would, click on the BLOG.

3. Then, click Create New Post in the upper right corner and off you go.

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