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Epic Tips, Tricks, and Tidbits #5

Updated: Sep 14, 2018

It's almost time!

Epic Live begins next week. Excited? Nervous? The students likely are, too. These classes are kind of another first day of school for them. Will the other kids like them? Will they look silly or sound weird on the computer? Will the teacher make them talk?

As teachers, we know about first-day jitters and we know that properly addressing those is an important step toward building our class community - class mojo, if you will. Take a deep breath and relax so that your students will relax. Model a fun learning environment and they'll return next week and the next, and the next...


This blog post is chock-full of them.... but before you spaz-out - just breathe (inhale) and prioritize. EVERYTHING does not need to be done this moment. There's time... (exhale)

Now, try to touch your left ear to your left shoulder and hold that pose for 30 seconds (controlled breathing). Switch to the right - right ear to right shoulder (controlled breathing). Good, repeat two more times on each side. According to my expensive physical therapist, we all need to do that stretch daily because we are on the computers so much.


T-MINUS 2 DAYS: What to do now

Step 1: Send calendar invitations to your Epic Live! class roster.

Step 2: Train your students

Your students need to be able to:

1. Log into the Zoom session (email or text this video)

2. Log into Study Island (testable classes) and take the quiz. (email or text this video)


Unsure of your student schedules? No worries, we've got you...


80% of Success is SHOWING UP

< How to record student attendance in your Epic Live! class

How to check your students attendance >

Webinar Recording

Here's the whole tamale, although the how-to videos cover the same information in smaller chunks.

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