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Epic Tips, Tricks and Tidbits #7

Bueller, Bueller....

I have a confession, I didn't enter attendance for my class this past week. Bad, I know and I'm sorry but the whole attendance situation exhausted me.

Many of you struggled opening the form and I'm not sure why but I have a theory it's because the form was housed on the team drive, which automatically makes everyone an editor. Others struggled with the amount of information the form asks for. Still others had trouble with the spreadsheet because it had been left in a filtered state. I struggled with you all.

Responding to the troubles, I've created a new form for the month of October and linked it to the site. It's streamlined and it should open as view-only. I've also added a link to the attendance spreadsheet on the website attendance page. Teachers looking up their student attendance will find it easiest to CTRL+F and search for their students name. Avoid filtering please, it causes a lot of extra emails :)


The next topic is a reminder to be mindful of your home surroundings and make sure the webcam isn't showing anything controversial, sketchy, or gross.

The creativity I've seen in many of the class ideas is inspiring. Thank you for stepping out of your comfort zones and making this a great experience.

Tami McDaniel is teaching 8th grade writing using a weebly blog and that's triggered several who have seen it to brainstorm about the many ways they can use this format with their students. Check it out at

The PreK colloboration group has essentially created a virtual circle-time and the teachers and students are having a ball.

We are excited to share that Epic Live! has new skills courses available

  • Math Facts - Addition and Subtraction is Thursdays at 9am with Lauren Edmonds

  • Math Facts - Multiplication and Division is Thursdays at 1pm with Sammie Roberts

  • Prek-2nd Read Aloud is Wednesdays at 10am with Mandi Jones

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