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Epic Tips, Tricks, & Tidbits #3

It's time to enroll students in Epic Live! classes. Anyone who is teaching an Epic Live! class may sign their students up in other classes. It's a great way to add direct instruction to your student's schedules. In fact, as of yesterday, I have students in 32 classes and that means my students will receive 32 hours of direct instruction by subject matter experts! That's almost an entire work week of direct instruction that isn't coming from moi'.

Count the way your students learn.

When I add that to my direct instruction time, the teaching-parent's lesson time, and curricula lessons I feel good about the education my students are receiving. :)

All courses are still available with the exception of 2nd grade math. Nudge your friends to sign up for 2nd grade math!


Have we talked about Adobe Spark yet? It's one of my go-to tech tools. In fact, the majority of the graphics I create come from Adobe Spark. I actually have the Adobe Creative Cloud suite, which costs me $20/month and I use it as well. The Epic Live logo was created in Adobe Illustrator but Adobe Spark has become my favorite graphics tool for a few reasons:

  1. It's free. Yep, totally free and it has a lot of free images and icons to choose from.

  2. It's fast. It does a lot of the design work for me, like spacing, etc... which saves me a ton of time.

  3. It's easy. It comes with many preset templates to choose from so you can get started and create something that looks professional without being a professional.

I'm planning to use Spark with my students this year also because it satisfies ELA standard 7 (multimodal literacies) and addresses the computer science standards passed by the state school board for all grades last March. To learn more check out this round up of education exemplars provided by Adobe and/or consider taking the free, self-paced course "Getting Started with Adobe Spark in the Classroom."


Delete a Student from an Epic Live class.

Need to delete a student from an Epic Live! class? Here's a short "how to" video.

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