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Epic Tips, Tricks, & Tidbits #4


Many of you have submitted your syllabus. Thank you - they're very helpful! They are all linked as of today so if you visit the website and go to the course catalog your name should be clickable and link you to your syllabus. If you submitted your syllabus but it is not linked please let us know because there aren't any in our upload queue. If you haven't yet submitted, please do.

Webinar Coming

A webinar to review hosting classes will be held Thursday, September 13th at 9am. You should have received a calendar invitation earlier today.

Course Highlights

I'm going to highlight a few courses during each blog post going forward.

English 9 with Amelia Harrison - Amelia is designing a creative and relevant English class that uses memes as a teaching tool. I love her creativity and think the students will enjoy and engage with her class.

Oklahoma History with Chimene Long - Chimene is teaching Oklahoma History! If you're a veteran teacher, you know our historic struggles with this class. Now those struggles are history! (All puns intended.)

Nervous about teaching online?

I was nervious last year before my first class and I've heard a few other teachers say they're nervous too. Find a teacher-buddy or two, or three, or six, and practice. Practicing will work out kinks and build your confidence. You can give each other pointers on student-engagement, technology tools, etc... You can also record a Zoom session, even if you're the only one in it, and send it for critique but this won't give you pratice interacting online. And, also breathe, relax, and remember teaching online is still teaching and you know how to do that.

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