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Rigorous "Track A" lessons for 3-8!

I will be using this Teacher Toolkit with many of your students. Since we are teaching as a team, I felt it important I share this valuable resource with you aligned to standards. It program covers all math and reading K-8. It's is SUPER easy to use. Grade 3- 8 has practice tests aligned to the PARRC that can be used as a Buckledown program with the "why" in the Teacher's Guide. There are power points for any concept or standard for the teacher to use at Epic Live-aka pre-made lessons and interactive videos that explain the standards and short Exit Tickets that are a DOK 2 or 3 and ONLY real life scenarios-so kids know why we do Algebra! : ) Click here to use the Teacher Toolbox on your way to the "A".

login: password: Teach12er34

BTW: If your families/you have access to a printer, there are standards aligned practice lessons with every power point teacher lesson. (Used as a supplement, typical progression is one lesson a week.) Go forth and rock our blue world! EPIC Live Rocks! : ) : )

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