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Technology Info: ZOOM

Updated: May 10, 2019

Students Joining Zoom

On School Issued Computers: These computer browsers have been set up to work with Zoom (as have teacher computers) so they should be able to join without issue.

On Family Purchased Computers: These computers have not been preloaded with Zoom and the Zoom software will need to be downloaded. It downloads very quickly. 

If the student computer is a laptop with a hard drive this is the link to download the software:

If the student computer is a chromebook this is the link to follow for the app:

Zoom also allows for joining without downloading software, which is fine, but please understand that has limited functionality so you should not expect students to participate at the same level. Follow this link to understand the limitations with this option.


Below are applicable and short video tutorials from Zoom.

Note that you can also move the chat window to a separate screen so you can monitor it as well.

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