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Zoom Room Management

I have noticed a lot of chatter in the Zoom chat box while teaching Epic Live! lessons. And if you are anything like me, you’ve tried ignoring it so that you can focus on your presentation. Unfortunately, “I’m hungry!” comments lead to distracting discussions about favorite foods and lunch plans. Often times, these unnecessary chats can lead to bullying. Chat room management is making my head spin! Thankfully, Zoom has options that will keep students from blurting out comments and from passing notes in private chats.

Clicking the More menu will give you the option to allow attendees to chat with: Host Only.

This is my favorite setting. No more large group distractions and no more private chats. Students are only allowed to send me chats with questions that they may have while I am presenting and I’m able to ignore them until I get to a stopping point. This is perfect for the student that isn’t comfortable asking questions in front of the class. This also works great for quick checks to see who is not understanding concepts. By simply requesting that everyone message you the answer to a question, you can see who is on track and who is not. This also keeps students from peeking at other student’s answers.

Did you know that you can use your extra monitor to display the chat box while you are presenting on your computer? You sure can! I will often share a presentation on my computer while displaying the chat box, participant menu, and video displays on my extra monitor. To open the chat while presenting, drop down the menu, click More, click Chat. The chat box will open up as a pop-up. Drag it to your extra monitor.

Here is a picture showing how I can use my extra monitor as a Zoom room dashboard for the Participant Menu, Chat, and Videos.

Other management tips:

Require that everyone use their “real” first name for their display name. You can change their name for them by clicking the three dots on their camera display.

Turn off student cameras for bouncing or obnoxious students. Same three dots will give you that option.

By clicking Participants, you can Mute All Microphones, at once, if you cannot figure out who’s mom has decided to vacuum during your presentation.

Don’t leave students unattended at the beginning or ending of class. While this sounds like a fun social time for students, I have witnessed some kids getting pretty rowdy and rude when a teacher isn’t present.

Here is a 3 minute video showing you all these Zoom Room Management tips.

What tips do you have for managing a virtual classroom?

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